Need new laces for your sneakers?

Need new laces for your sneakers? At Sneaker Essentials we have a fantastic collection of laces that give your kicks a fresh look. Our laces are made of high-quality material and available in a wide range of colors. Whether you want to replace your damaged laces or are just looking for a new style, we have the perfect match for your sneakers!

Our bestsellers

Ideal for all your low and high sneakers such as Nike Air Max 1, Nike Dunks, Air Jordans and New Balance sneakers!

You're different in clean sneakers.

Why choose Sneaker Essentials laces:

  • laces give you the opportunity to make your sneakers unique and make a statement. A different color lace can give you a completely new look!
  • Upgrade and refresh : Give your sneakers a fresh look and upgrade the look with our high-quality laces. Forget worn and worn out laces, renew them and let your sneakers shine again!
  • Repair or Restoration : For sneaker enthusiasts, we have laces that fit perfectly with OG sneakers. New laces that match the original help you restore that authentic look.
  • Personalized Gift : Surprise every sneakerhead with a unique and affordable gift. Our laces are not only stylish, but also a great way to show someone you care about them.
  • Themed Looks : Whether you have a special event or just want to show off your style, we have laces to suit any occasion. Choose from festive colors and much more!

Which length should you choose?

We recommend 120 cm laces for most low-top sneakers. If in doubt, simply measure the length of your current laces. Choose 20 cm shorter if you have a size smaller than EU 38.5 or simply don't like to tie your laces. Go for an extra 20 cm if you wear size EU 46 or larger.

Good to know about the Sneaker Essentials laces.

  • Our flats are 8mm wide, like most Nike laces. They fit in most of the most popular sneakers of the moment.
  • Our laces are supplied in pairs and are packaged in a beautiful box with a viewing window.
  • The laces are sent by letter, as they easily fit through most letterboxes. The shipping options change as you order more.
  • The more laces you order, the more discount you get! That's always a bonus.

Don't wait any longer, give your sneakers the upgrade they deserve with our high-quality and stylish laces. Order now and let your kicks shine like never before!

Everything you need for your sneakers.

Sneaker Essentials offers everything you need to care for, protect and personalize your sneakers. Whether you want to clean, protect or customize your sneakers, we have everything you need.

We also offer a diverse range of lifestyle accessories to provide you with everything related to the Culture sneaker. We have various rugs, offer the option to make unique rugs, but also have sneaker magazines and books and bags in our range.

In short, from cleaning products to lifestyle accessories, our range is the largest and most extensive on the European market.

Our mission is to be the destination for sneakerheads looking to up their game and express their individuality. Discover the possibilities in our webshop and take your sneakers to a higher level!