Everything you need to customize your sneakers.

Do you have a steady hand to customize your own sneakers? Give your sneakers a new look or subtly adjust them and stand out with your new creations! You can of course also try to reshop your sneakers to their original shape. We have everything you need here!


A good start is half the work! 

You're different in custom sneakers.

Leather paint

We have more than 200 colors in stock. We have divided them into different categories for you.

Standard leather dye (133)

Neon leather paint (19)

Metallic and Mother of Pearl leather paint (19)

Glitterlites leather paint (18)

Collector Edition leather paint (29)

More than 200 colors available!

Paint additives

With the paint additives you make leather paint suitable for other materials.

Ready-made kits

No idea what you need? Then just take a ready-made kit.

Everything you need for your sneakers.

Sneaker Essentials offers everything you need to care for, protect and personalize your sneakers. Whether you want to clean, protect or customize your sneakers, we have everything you need.

We also offer a diverse range of lifestyle accessories to provide you with everything related to the Culture sneaker. We have various rugs, offer the option to make unique rugs, but also have sneaker magazines and books and bags in our range.

In short, from cleaning products to lifestyle accessories, our range is the largest and most extensive on the European market.

Our mission is to be the destination for sneakerheads looking to up their game and express their individuality. Discover the possibilities in our webshop and take your sneakers to a higher level!